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    Some of Our Programs

    Look and Feel Amazing with a Variety of Workouts & Programs

    • IntelliBurn

      Beginner, Intermediate

      Daily Burn’s “Best Of” plan that samples from all of our programs. Over the course of five weeks, you'll burn fat, gain strength, and start to feel like a new you.

    • Pilates Phase One


      Learn the fundamentals of pilates, fine-tune your form and strengthen your core. Each workout includes movements to strengthen your entire core from large, stabilizing muscles to deeper, intricate tiny ones.

    • Daily Burn Spartan


      Whether you're training for a Spartan Race or simply want to work on your strength, endurance and athleticism, Daily Burn Spartan is for you.

    • Max Trainer

      Beginner, Intermediate

      This 8-week program will help you get the most out of your new Max Trainer. Work to improve your cardio, strength and endurance in progressively challenging workouts.

    • Live to Fail


      In 90 days, we're going to help you transform your body with just two sets of relatively light weights and a box. You'll learn the principles behind how muscle failure builds the well-defined, lean muscle mass you want.

    • Total Cardio


      We’ve put together our favorite fast-paced workouts to get you moving, grooving, sweating, and stretching in ways you never knew possible. Our expert group of trainers are ready to help you tone up, torch calories, and have a total blast doing it!

    • Move!

      Beginner, Intermediate

      Daily Burn MOVE! is a dance workout party led by singer and dancer Keaira LaShae, who really knows how to put on a show. Over the course of five weeks you'll get a taste of a number of different dance genres, while burning fat and calories along the way.

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    • Bob Harper

      Television Star, Author, Created the well-known program: Black Fire

    • Anja Garcia

      Former Elite Gymnast

    • Ben Booker

      Award-winning Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, & Motivational Speaker

    • Prince Brathwaite

      National Academy Sports Medicine- Certified Personal Trainer

    • Gregg Cook

      Fitness Professional, Author, Featured In Many Major Publications

    • Briohny Smithe

      World Traveling Yoga Expert

    • Dara Theodore

      Mother, National Academy Sports Medicine and Kettlebell Concepts-Certified

    • Andrea Speir

      Former Dancer, Well-recognized Pilates Expert, Featured In Many Major Publications

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